Cotillion for Achievement

A History

The Cotillion for Achievement Concept is Born

Founders Sandie Beihl, Sally Carpenter, and Vikki Crouch frequently discussed community concerns.  In 1984, their conversation turned to how outstanding youth in the community could be encouraged and recognized for doing the right things and making the right choices.  From this modest discussion the seeds of the organization grew.

Their first idea was to create a recognition for young people using a debutante ball format.  However, in researching the possibility, the threesome decided their idea needed some tweaking.

The Cotillion Concept Evolves

The next idea was to provide a combination gala event to honor youth and at the same time raise monies to benefit the arts in the community.  Finally, after months of discussion and gathering advice from community leaders, Sandie, Sally, and Vikki worked with Gene Teeter, a high school counselor, to create the scholarship benefit organization it is today.

Supporting the Vision

The three founders spent many hours holding information gathering meetings, from informal coffees to appointments with business leaders.  During this long, deliberate process, the community became aware of the concept and realized the need and importance of such a program.

Bill Hurley and David Bradley were the first two donors that provided seed money for the first Cotillion for Achievement in the spring of 1987.  Hannah Ford and Rosalie Richmond graciously served as the first honorary chairs of the event, helping attract additional contributions.

Into the Present

 Each year the community interest and support have grown.  From the three founders, the board of volunteers has grown to 33 people serving as officers and committee members and seven past presidents serving as advisors.  It is important to note that the organization has no paid staff, has no physical office, and is maintained and supported by volunteers.

To date, 712 students have benefited from Cotillion Scholarships, receiving a total of $526,000.


Cotillion for Achievement is a leadership development and scholarship program, focusing on developing leadership skills, honoring outstanding area high school seniors, and awarding them scholarships. 

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Cotillion for Achievement