Board Members

The Cotillion for Achievement Board of Directors is an all volunteer board made up of community volunteers who work year-round to plan and raise funds for the program.  There are no paid staff and no physical location for the Cotillion for Achievement.  With no overhead, 100% of the funds raised are used to support the seminars, awards ceremony, and scholarships.

Current Board Members 2023-2024

President:  Nancy Pease

Vice-President: Heidi LaFave

Recording Secretary:  Kelsey Sollars

Corresponding Secretary:  Lisa Beavers

Treasurer:  Joyce Swope


Adventures:   David Jordan( Advisor), Michelle Goller, Cindy Wells, Darcy Wing, Jane Bentz, Olga Boss, Tracy Jensen

Subcommittee: (Professional Interactions Seminar):  Diana Guthery

Ball:  Bibi Miller (Advisor), Chris Booher, Cecilia Coss Perez, Penelope Kress, Ashley Patterson, Joella Schultz

Fundraising:  Joan Hickman (Advisor), Nancy Langemach, Merry Burtner, Jeanne Daffron, Colton Saunders,  

John Anderson

Historian:  Sharon Kosek (Advisor), Marcela Villasenor Hamilton

Hospitality:  Connie Thornton, Martha Chesney, Aimee Hausman, Janice McCool, Martha Chesney

Public Relations:  Mary Beth Revels

Selections:  Betsy White (Advisor), Chad Gaddie, Julie Gaddie, Tammi Hale

Technology:  Tiffani Teschner

Advisory:  Sandy Beihl, Vikki Crouch, Sally Carpenter, Joan Hickman, Rosalie Ingle, Sharon Kosek, Sue Wagner, Bibi Miller

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Cotillion for Achievement